About Us

Recovery Companion is a collaborative endeavor between our company, cancer society groups, hospitals and other health-stakeholders, providing access to local community resources, along with positive survivor stories and mental health tools for coping with diagnosis and treatment. From a community perspective, our application focuses on connecting individuals who are going through similar diagnosis and treatment through a streamlined onboarding process and encrypted communication channels.

Our Mission

We work for this platform to bring knowledge and support that is informative and honest by creating a safe and positive environment for people to connect with one another and share their stories.

Our Plan

Collaborate with healthcare organizations to create a comprehensive platform for cancer fighters, providing access to local information and mental health tools, in addition to meaningful support made through our precise peer-matching system.

Our Vision

Bring humanity to healthcare. We empower cancer fighters from all over the world with the knowledge and peer support to help navigate their local healthcare system better.


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Revo Türk

I am Revo – 36 years old, father of two and a cancer survivor in recovery. I survived this devastating disease and know what it means to live with cancer and to fight —how to stay mentally strong. Recovery Companion will support cancer sufferers. I will give all my knowledge and support for our platform to be informative and honest. For a cancer fighter, any support is very helpful, they need mental and emotional support. We work for this platform to provide all of that. Peer-to-peer conversations and sharing experiences are very important in this process. Hope, belief and the will to get better is key to moving forward in treatment. Positive thinking and the need to make an impact motivates me. This is what I will bring to Recovery Companion. Let's stay healthy.


Byron Sowerby

Chief Executive Officer

Olga Vovk

Chief legal and technical officer

Eric Jackson

 Chief business development officer

Anu Udras

 Chief marketer